Bullyrascalz's Zerelda aka Zee, IPO3 (Best IPO3 in the trial and IPO1 Best IPO in the trial), IPO 12 mile AD, DHT, GDT, IDTT, ID3, ID5, OFA: Hips GOOD, Elbows Normal, Thyroid Normal, NCL Clear, Ich Clear, DM Clear, NM Clear, HUU Clear

Zee has an outstanding temperament, very nice structure and phenomenal working abilities. She is not only one of the very rare American Bulldog to achieved the IPO3 title, she is also the YOUNGEST, ALL sex, to obtain level 1-2-3 of IPO in the world. She also has ended 1st on podium everytime.  

She is the daughter of our male Jesse James who is the most bully type American bulldog and one of the youngest in this breed to have been able to obtain the serious working title IPO3 too.

At 17 months old our young girl Zee passe the IPO BH (23 09 2017) at Club Schutzhund Ste-Foy, under Judge Frank McEniry.

At only 18 months old, Zee got IPO1 title under Juge Dave Grant, with Best IPO in the trial (4-5 11 2017)

Zee pass with great ease the endurance test AD 12 miles with a crappy temperature ... lol Heavy rain, wind and it ended up with snow.. The test was done at club schutzhund IPO sport under Judge Bruno Kastelic-Sakoparnig.(19 11 2017)I am very proud of my great athlete again.

Zee got DHT, GDT, IDTT, ID3 and ID5 today at the Irondogs trial under judge Etienne Poulin. (11 25 2017) We have completely forget to take a picture with the judge as we are used to doing ... Its end well our trial season, we back on the grounds next spring, we hope put IPO2-IPO3 on her in 2018.

it is under Judge Dorwin Anderson at only 29 months old that Zee got the IPO2 at the trial organized by the Club des Chiens de travail du Québec, with best Obedience in the trial, the other dogs was 5 German Shepherds. Score 85-87-90a Total: 262. (15, 09, 2018)

Last weekend (November 10-11, 2018) under respectable GSSCC judge Jim Crisp, my young Zerelda (2.5 yo/30 month) and i successfully obtained our IPO3 title in a foreign club, with a BEST IPO3 score on 6 dogs (5 GSDs). We got 94 in tracking with miserable conditions; ice, snow, crazy wind.  We got a score of 77 in obedience with a snowy and slippery surfaced field still with that crazy wind, and finaly 90a in protection with new helper for the long attack, and a helper she didn't worked with since a while for the 1st phase. All this together for a decent score of 261.I am very proud of my young girl, did i said that she's just 2.5 yo 😁! Zee is now the second generation of IPO3 bulldog from my breeding program. She is FaithFullBull's Jesse James X Bully Rascalz Impulse of Valor's daughter. Jesse James is IPO3 (obtained at 3 y.o. in a GSSCC Championship) and is bred/trained and loved by myself.

Health test

Hips and Elbows