Veuillez prendre note que tous nos chiots sont vendu comme chien de travail - Sport ou comme animal de compagnie et non pour la reproduction et ce sans exception! Le prix pour l'un de nos chiot ce situe entre 2500$ - 3000$.

Elevage Fait! En attente de confirmation de grossesse.

Description de cette elevage

Due to the very long distance between the two dogs involved in this breeding, we had to have chilled semen shipped from Newfoundland to Quebec, Canada.

Unfortunately, due to bad winter weather conditions we were only able to get only shipment of semen and only on the last day of fertility for Baby Pearl!

Since we are having to cross our fingers that the breeding takes, we will not be taking any official reservations (with deposit) until the pregnancy is confirmed. However, we still welcome you to contact us to express your interest in a puppy from this breeding!

This breeding is from two dogs produced here at FaithFullBull's American Bulldogs.


The male: Riggs is from our breeding between our girl Zerelda produced by Bullyrascalz' American Bulldogs, she was my puppy back, when this breeder have used my male Jesse James (IPO3 titled in a championship) with her female CH Impulse of Valor, Zee is probably the youngest Bulldog to obtain IPO 1-2-3 titles, and as if that was not enough each level she ended with a first place on the podium among all German Shepherds, and Hercules a bulldog with uncommon iron nerves produced by Mightybull's American Bulldogs.

Riggs is a young big boy of 2 years old and now around 120 lbs training in Sport IGP, here a description of him made by his owner:

I love Riggs, he makes me laugh every single day!! He has tremendous pack drive, which I feel is an asset with a dog of his size and power. Riggs is affectionate, motivated and just as hard working as he is comical. He is very social and stable with good food/prey drive. He is happy to be a city dog or to be running wild in the forest. No matter where I take him, he is always friendly to all. He exhibits no dog aggression and is rather indifferent, but polite to other dogs.

In the work, he shows alot of possession and power and has strong grips. He is always eager and learns new things quickly. He is not sensitive to correction but doesn't like to disappoint me, so a verbal correction is a more powerful tool in guiding this beast of a dog. Outside of training he is respectful and very easy to handle. I walk him everywhere on a flat collar. Even though he weighs the same as me and is pushy in other aspects of life, I have no worries about him pulling me around. Despite his large size, this dog is fast and althletic! He moves well and runs, jumps and turns with ease. His physical size definitely doesn't diminish his working ability.


The female Baby Pearl : owned and produced by us, is from our breeding between NKC SR GR CH, ABRA GR CH Cadillac Escalade aka Caddy, seriously titled in sport, with among other PSA1 and owned and produced by Blevins's American Bulldogs and our girl Baby Iris, IPO BH, AD, DHT, GDT, IDTT titled, also produced by us.

Baby Pearl is definitely the best obedience dog I have ever owned! She also has excellent qualities in protection. She has crazy bite and is quick to the grip, which is always full and strong. She is very fast and twitchy like a Malinois and her prey and food drive are also over the top.

Though her prey drive is strong, Baby Pearl has a some reactivity and aggression in her, giving her a bit of civil side. If I was the victim of a home invasion and I had the choice of taking out only one of my dogs to protect me from the intruder, Baby Pearl would definitely be my first choice lol.

She has superior intelligence and has a phenomenal ability to quickly understand what is expected of her. She also possesses a lot of energy and desire to work and please her handler. She is not sensitive to physical corrections. Rather than lose drive, becomes more active and intense. In fact, the most effective correction for her is that I show her I am dissatisfied and stop working.

Baby Pearl is not aggressive with other dogs. Although she is dog neutral, she will assert herself if challenged. She has a great off switch at home where she is very affectionate and calm.

SVP prendre note que aucun de nos chiots sont vendu avec droit de reproduction et ce sans exceptions!

Les chiots seront enregistrés et vendus avec papier A.B.R.A-NKC ou UKC, garantie écrite de deux ans contre les maladies génétiques incluant la Dysplasie des hanches et des coudes, examiné par notre vétérinaire vacciné, vermifugé, micropucer avec carnet de santé. 


Nous retenons les réservations avec un dépôt de 300$, non remboursable excepté si nous n'avons pas de chiots disponible du sexe et de l'accouplement que vous avez choisie. Le choix des chiots se fera quand les chiots atteindrons l’âge de 7 semaine et que nous aillons effectuer tout les tests de tempérament - habiliter au sport avec eux, selon l’ordre des dépôts reçu et après que nous et les maisons sérieusement impliquer dans les sports canin avons fait nos choix. Les petits serons près à quitté pour leur nouvelle maison à l’âge de 8 semaine..


Les chiots seront vendus en tant qu'animaux de compagnie exclusivement et non pour la reproduction, le chiot devra être stérilisé  afin de recevoir les papiers et que la garantie de deux ans reste valide. Nous nous réservons le droit refusé l'adoption de l'un de nos chiots, pour quelque raisons que ce soit et ce jusqu’à ce que vous en preniez possession même si vous avez mis un dépôt, dans ce cas ou nous changerions d’idée pour quelque raison que ce sois nous vous remettrons votre dépôt.


Il nous est possible d'effectuer l'envoi d'un chiot partout au Canada, USA et en Europe moyennant des frais aériens!

Pour plus d'informations contactez nous par email :

Ou par téléphone: 819 384-8171 (French only)



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Dépot pour un chiot 300$ (Non remboursable)