SCH BH, DHT, GDT, 9x ID3 6x(R), 2x ID5, IDOB2, IDTT, 2012 3rd Irondogs top dog of the world, OFA hips Excellent, Cardiac Normal, PH 42/35, Elbows Normal, NCL/Ich Clear DNA Profiled

Spike is the main foundation dog of our breeding program. He is well known for his outstanding temperament, his working ability and of course his crazy look and insane muscles! Spike is our tank! He is wide and very compact with a huge head. In 2011 he got his SCH BH title and he championed out with the NKC. In 2012, Spike got his ABRA Ch, he then was Dual Champion! He also got his DHT, GDT, ID3 (r), ID5, IDTT and IDOB2 in IronDog.


Health wise, Spike comes from a high quality american bloodline. He is a non carrier of NCL neither of Ichtyosis. He is tested and certified OFA and PennHip on many generations behind him with outstanding scores. He is himself certified OFA Excellent out of 2 OFA Excellent parents. Only 4% of our breed get this score!

Also, his dad Wild River's In Spades has one of the best PH (.21/.25) ever recorded AND an OFA Excellent score, which makes him the American Bulldog who got the best hips in the breed. This minimize our chances to produce dysplastic puppies as most of our stuff has Spike's blood and every single dog on our yard is tested as well.


Spike's mom, Dual Ch MightyBull's Cheyenne of Wild River, not only is Dual Ch, but she also got a couple of working titles : FR BR,CSAU,OBT,WTE,AD,IDWP2,NKC WP2,APA STARD, OB FCI. No need to say a breeding between Spades x Cheyenne was one of high quality and exceptionnal!


After the breeder at Mightybull picked his 1st choice, we then had the 1st pick male in this litter, which had no less than 8 males. We are extremely happy and proud to own such a quality bulldog as a family member and part of our breeding program!



BORN: 05/09/2009




HIPS  PennHip : Left 42 / Right 35 NO DJD 



N.C.L : CLEAR (not a gene carrier) 

ICHTHYOSIS : CLEAR (not a gene carrier)



health certification tests


                                13 months old


                                24 months old



Picture Spike in Dog Show






Spike took BEST CLASSIC MALE dog show A.B.R.A (Canadian Rumbull, Barrie, Ontario)


Spike took two first place and one second place dog show A.B.R.A (Outer Banks, Caroline du North, U.S.A)


Spike took 2 x BEST BULLY OF SHOW dog show N.K.C (Mason-Dixon Classic Warrenton, Virginia USA)


Spike took one second place and BEST CLASSIC MALE dog show A.B.R.A ( Beast of the East, a Hebron, Connecticut USA)


Spike took BEST CLASSIC MALE and  first, and second place dog show A.B.R.A (Buckeye Bulldog Bash, Ohio, USA)

Spike got his Champion title

On 2 July, 2011 in Randolph, Ohio, USA

NKC American Bulldog Show


Spike took BEST BULLY OF SHOW, this has made ​​him a Champion (3 Major, 105 points), and took reserve (second place) in the champion ring!!


Spike took BEST CLASSIC MALE and two first place dog show A.B.R.A (The Canada Show Eh, Ontario, Canada)

Spike took two BEST MALE CLASSIC What made him an ABRA CHAMPION and BEST IN SHOW in the Champion ring (the Outer Banks in North Carolina, USA)

Spike got the titles of works according to DHT, IDT3 (RANK), IDT5 has an event Iron Dogs in North Carolina, USA

Video of the event!!