FaithFullBull's Baby Pearl, IGP1 (IPO1), PH .31 .31, OFA Prelm GOOD, Elbows Normal, NCL Clear, Ich Clear

Its at only 15 months at the Club des Chiens de Travail du Québec and under Judge Dorwin Anderson that Baby Pearl obtained with great success the IPO BH with Best BH in a Trial on 8 BH and the other dogs was 2 Mallinois and 5 Germans Shepherds considerable more ager than her. (09, 15, 2018)

At 28 months old and under the juge Dorwin Anderson, Baby Pearl got IGP1 (09-28-2019)

It was a GSSCC trial, organized by the club schutzhund Pro Sport, Baby Pear got Best IGP of the trial on 3 IGP, (Highest score all 3 disciplines) with 85 in tracking, 90 in Obedience and 84a in protection, for a total of 259, and as usual the 2 other dogs were GSDs.

I am very proud of my young girl! :-)

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