BETWEEN: Sonia Perusse, residing at

(Breeder) Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel (Québec) G0X 3J0




Name: _________________________________________________________________


Address: ________________________________________________________________


Telephone Number: _________________________Cell: _________________________


Email address: ___________________________________________________________



It is acknowledged that FaithFullBull’s American Bulldogs concludes the sales contract of a puppy/dog described as follows:


Breed: _____________________________ Date of birth: _________________________


Microchip # (if necessary): ________________________


Father: ________________________________ Registration #: _____________________


Mother: _______________________________ Registration #: _____________________


Sex: M F






The ownership of the dog will be transferred to the Buyer according to the following terms, conditions and guarantees:


The price of the puppy is fixed at ____________, the amount which the Buyer will pay when the puppy attains the age of 7-8 weeks, less the deposit which was given at the time of the reservation in the amount of: _____________. 


The puppy is sold as a companion dog and must be sterilized before the age of 6 months. The Buyer must provide proof of sterilization issued by a vet before the puppy is 7 months old. If the puppy is not sterilized by the age of 6 months, (with veterinary proof), the Breeder can repossess the puppy with no refund.

The Breeder will not tolerate that this clause not be fulfilled and legal action may be brought against the Buyer not adhering to the guidelines and terms of this contract.

After proof of sterilization on the part of the Buyer, the Breeder will send the Buyer the puppy’s temporary registration papers.



The puppy’s health is guaranteed by the Breeder against viral infections (distemper, hepatitis, par influenza, parvovirus and corona virus) or parasites for a period of 10 days following the purchase. The Breeder is not responsible for infections (for example urinary infections) caused by stress or change of environment.



If the death of a puppy/dog occurs as the result of an illness covered by the guarantee, the Breeder will replace the puppy as soon as another is available from another litter. The Breeder is not committed to repay the price of the puppy, but promises to replace it.

The Buyer agrees to respect the non-reproduction agreement which was signed at the time of purchase. If there is a special agreement between the Breeder and the Buyer, this interdiction can be lifted when the dog will have attained the age of 24 months and the Buyer will have obtained a certificate from the O.F.A (Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals) confirming that the puppy’s hips and elbows are at least FAIR. As well, the animal must have won a championship of conformation and/or work, at the discretion of the Breeder. The X-rays, the veterinary costs, the competition costs, the materials and the costs of annulment will be the responsibility of the Buyer.

During the growth period until the age of 24 months, the dog is guaranteed against all genetic illnesses and if the dog develops dysplasia preventing a normal life and must be put down, the Breeder will replace the dog at no cost, as soon as a puppy is available. The Breeder is given a time limit of about one year to replace the puppy. As well, the Breeder reserves the right to have the dog examined by their own veterinarian. The dysplasia must develop during the growth period of the dog. If the dog develops it because of his weight (obesity), the replacement guarantee no longer applies. The Buyer who puts down his/her dog without respecting the conditions of this contract will find his/her rights revoked.

Only an evaluation report of the X-rays made by the O.F.A. (Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals) confirming that the dog has dysplasia will be considered for the replacement of the dog. This examination is at the expense of the Buyer.


The Breeder must be notified of all accidents, illnesses, allergies or traumatisms without delay. The Breeder reserves the right to repossess a puppy/dog if it is perceived that it is suffering from mistreatment or malnutrition.

The Breeder reserves the right to call the Buyer for news of the puppy/dog within a reasonable time. The Buyer promises to keep the Breeder informed of the puppy’s/dog’s development in writing or by telephone, Pictures too! 




In no case can the Buyer reclaim a cash refund for a puppy/dog. It is to be specified as well that the Breeder reserves the right to cancel the contract as long as the Buyer has not taken possession of the puppy/dog and refund the deposit, given that it is the Breeder’s decision. If you make a deposit for a pure bred American Bulldog at FaithFullBull, it is because you are aware of our clauses and you are satisfied with our requirements. These requirements allow the Buyer and the Breeder to agree on the same non-debatable points, they both sign certifying and agreeing with the above mentioned terms. The Buyer is given the right to change their mind about the purchase of their puppy as long as the contract is not signed. However, their deposit will be lost since it is the Buyer’s decision. if you buy us a dog and you change your mind later (not by what the dog was not doing good) you must to bring us the dog but there will be any refund for the dog regardless of your reason!


If any one of these clauses is not met by the Buyer the 2 year guarantee is void, the temporary certificate issued by the A.B.R.A. or the N.K.C. or the U.K.C. will not be sent and legal action may be brought against the Buyer.

In good faith, the parties have signed this contract at the place and time mentioned, are in agreement on all above mentioned points and they both promise to respect them.


__________________________________________________ Buyer