**Breeding plan for winter 2018**

The male will be announced in the coming weeks


FaithFullBull's Zerelda aka Zee of Bullyrascalz, IPO BH, OFA Prelim GOOD, Elbows Normal, NCL Clear, Ich Clear

The male will be announced in the coming weeks

We plan to breed our female Zerelda for the first time in winter 2018, in order to well tested her fertility this first breeding will make from natural links and we will not fail to make progesterone tests and we will requested a semen viability test of the chosen male to do well things.


Zerelda is definitely the best working female we have owned so far, like her father our male Jesse James IPO3 titred, owned, produced and trained by us, we expect to perform in the IPO sport with her, we also have in the future the great breedings plan made from frozen semen of planned with this beautiful girl, which is why it is very important for us to not to wait for tested her fertility.


Because Zerelda is now our main working dog we have chosen to make this breeding in winter, or the dogs training is idle due to the difficulties of the season. The puppies of this breeding will be ready to go for their new homes in the beginning of next spring.


Zerelda will soon be trialing for the IPO BH, and we think there is a possibility, if the training continues to go as well with her, that we will have time to trialing her for the IPO1 before this breeding.


Now the male with whom this breeding will be done, will be announced in the coming weeks.(We currently hesitate between 2 males)


The price for a puppy from this breeding will be $ 1800 CAN and as always we are open for co-ownership with the best subjects of this litter.

We take reservations with a deposit of $ 300 and we will accept deposits in a few weeks only when we will announce the male we are going to use for our girl Zerelda.


To see more pictures of Zerelda and for any additional information contact us!

Breeding plan for March 2018!

Chestnut's Little Micmac 7x IPO III ( 3x on national championship and one at german Bundessiegerprüfung) AD, FH I, FH II and IPO FH (2 times vize and 1 time national champion in FH I), Hips C (one side C - the other A), ED Normal, Spondylose Normal, Heart Normal, NCL Carrier, Ich Clear


FaithFullBull's Baby Iris, IPO BH, IPO 12 mile AD, DHT, GDT, IDTT, OFA GOOD, Elbows Normal, NCL Clear, Ich Clear, DNA Profiled

For the 3rd, and final time, we will be breeding our female Baby Iris to a very nice working dog named Micmac. He is the most seriously titled American Bulldog in IPO sport in the world and a 3rd generation IPO3 titred.


Baby Iris is our athlete, she is very agile and extremely fast with a very high physical endurance and a crazy prey. She is sweet, very intelligent and has no aggression with other dogs (female included) She is one of my production out of my boy Jesse James, IPO3 Produced and trained by us, and Flame of Norcal, SCH BH, FPr1.


This breeding will come to fruition using frozen semen we have obtained from Germany. The first pick puppy is already reserved by Kristin the owner of Micmac in Germany.

We will also be keeping a few puppies for ourselves and are open to co-ownership with owners who are interested in canine sport.


Because we are using frozen semen, which tends to produce smaller litters and on occasion none at all, we are not taking any deposits until the pups are born and will fix a price depending on how many are in the litter.


For any further information, or to notify us of your interest in this litter, please contact us by Email: faithfullbull@hotmail.com


Our breeding plan for 2018-2019 will be made from frozen semen from a great working male that we got from Germany. Our female with whom we will be using this semen will be announcing later, Stayed tuned! Thank Verena for trust us and allowing us to use your nice boy. I would also like to say thank you to Gesa at Chestnut American Bulldogs for all the information about the lineage.

ABNA GR.CH&WCD/NKC CH Chestnut's Little Lakota IPO III, BST I / II, OB-1 (V1), FPR 3, BH, AD, TE



We are extremely excited and we can not wait to finally use this old frozen semen obtained a few years ago from Matt Boyd with one of our female in 2019-2020! 

CH Boyd's Hi-Jumpin Mikie

SCH III, BST, OFA Good, ED Normal, PH .46/.43

Our Kennel is located in Quebec

You can come to our house to take the puppy or It is possible for us to send a puppy Worldwide!

We hold reservations with a deposit of 300$, Except if we have no puppies available of the sexe and out of the breeding you have chosen! The choice have to be done only when the puppies will be age between 7-8 week depend of the order of reservation received. Our puppies will be sold as pet only, and not for reproduction the puppy must be sterilized before the age of 8 months to receive the papers and the two-year warranty remains valid.


All our puppies will be registered and sold with ABRA papers, guaranteed for 2 years for genetic diseases, including dysplasia in the hips and elbows, examined by our veterinarian, vaccinated, dewormed and will have their Health Record Book.

For more information contac us by email: faithfullbull@hotmail.com


If you live in USA and want to buy a puppy from us, here the link to know the rules of your country concerning the importation of a puppy!

You can circumvented its rules at try to get a waiver you need to send email at address provided on that page with the info on why you have need to try to import the pup before it's fully vaccinated

Just make up a good excuse!

If you not being able get a waiver, we have need of vaccinated the puppy for the rabies when he is a 3 months old, and keep her here, until the age of 4 months old, and we charge $ 500 for this service!  








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If you made a deposit or a payment for one of our puppy, is that you have read our contract of sale and warranty and you was Daccord with that!

       Deposit  300$