Breeding plan for early April (2020)

Puppies ready to go early August

(We ask 2000 $ for a puppies of this breeding)

Mightybull's Hercule, IGP BH, OFA: Hips Prelim GOOD, Elbows Normal (Tested at 20 months old), NCL Clear, Ich Clear


FaithFullBull's Zerelda aka Zee of Bullyrascalz, IPO3 (Best IPO3 in the trial and IPO1 Best IPO in the trial), IPO 12 mile AD, DHT, GDT, IDTT, ID3, ID5, OFA: Hips GOOD, Elbows Normal, Thyroid Normal, Clear, Ich Clear, DM Clear, NM Clear, HUU Clear

Description of the Breeding

This breeding will be done with natural links! 🤗 (will be the first time that we will breed Zee in a natural way and not with Inseminations done by my specialist vet from an frozen semen import from Germany and USA)

Hercule lives with my friends with whom I train my dogs a 15 minute drive from me, so I see this dog every week for something like 1.5 years, which allows me to talk about him as if he was one of my dogs.

Only intermittently trained due to a serious lack of time (Hercule owners are GSD breeder and always prioritize their GSD for the time they have for dog training, which is very understandable, and also do board dogs (educational boarding)) Hercule obtained the IGP BH last year.

I assure you that this boy who is now 2 years old is a working beast, very intense with iron nerves, he is clear head, extremely powerful dog, even though he didn't do much protection, he shows an incredible potential.

And now Zerelda! Zee is the best working dog I have owned so far, the accomplishments I have achieved with her and make at such a young age should speak by themselves.

But Zee is not only an excellent working dog on the ground, she is also a great pet with a fantastic temperament and intelligence.

She is a dog that I can bring everywhere in public places, without worrying about anything, she is very social and has no aggression with other dogs (female included).

we are very excited with this breeding which will be done next month !! This breeding is a little line on the blood of our RIP boy Spike by his sister 🙂

Please take note that NONE of our puppies are placed in co-ownership or sold with breeding right !!

Our Kennel is located in Quebec

You can come to our house to take the puppy or It is possible for us to send a puppy Worldwide!

We hold reservations with a deposit of 300$, Except if we have no puppies available of the sexe and out of the breeding you have chosen! The choice have to be done only when the puppies will be age between 7-8 week depend of the order of reservation received. Our puppies will be sold as pet only, and not for reproduction the puppy must be sterilized before the age of 8 months to receive the papers and the two-year warranty remains valid.


All our puppies will be registered and sold with ABRA papers, guaranteed for 2 years for genetic diseases, including dysplasia in the hips and elbows, examined by our veterinarian, vaccinated, dewormed and will have their Health Record Book.

For more information contac us by email:







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If you made a deposit or a payment for one of our puppy, is that you have read our contract of sale and warranty and you was Daccord with that!

       Deposit  300$